Forge – The Best iPad Drawing App

I recently did a Baron Fig notebook review. A realĀ notebook that has to kill trees in order to survive (I think that’s how it works right?). Anyways the purpose of the notebook I bought was to sketch out my ideas and get more into drawing, maybe even storyboard the films I make. Then today as I was “doing my homework” I found a free app called Forge and decided to give it a try…

…paper just found it’s newest competitor.

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iPad Mini 3 and iPad Air 2 Updates

I was excited about the Apple Live Event. I was insanely excited about the Apple Live Event, I couldn’t even sleep last night (that’s unhealthy). Anyways the watch is cool but I’m not going to get it, the phone is cool as well…I’m not going to get it either (I think I’ll wait for the 6s). Why you ask? Well because the iPad Mini and the iPad Air 2. I also think a smart watch is kinda stupid silly…even if it is the way of the future. However there was nothing mentioned about the iPads at the event today! GAH! Well that’s usually because Apple releases their iPad updates in November and makes us all wait. What do we know about the new line of iPads? What should we expect? Weeeeeeell lemme tell ya…also let me tell you why I’m not jumping on the 6 train right away. Continue reading iPad Mini 3 and iPad Air 2 Updates